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Before the ELECTRONIC LEVEL, the AUTOLEVEL provided the fastest setup for leveling on the jobsite. The AUTOLEVEL has an Survey pendulum that eliminates the tedious back-and-forth adjustment of the leveling screws while trying to get the tubular vials of an older style instrument level.

When the AUTOLEVEL is adjusted to the bullseye bubble, the Survey pendulum (called the Compensator) swings to allow the Survey train to shoot level. If the instrument moves slightly, the Compensator will adjust for the deviation and continue to provide a level reading.

Most AUTOLEVELS have an azimuth ring which allows for course horizontal angle readings. Various magnifications from 18x to 32x are available. A 20x or 24x instrument is the typical power used on construction sites. Various degrees of "waterproofness" are available.

HINT: The rattling sound heard inside AUTOLEVELS is the Compensator rocking back and forth.

The Compensator is slowed from swinging by various methods, including air or magnetic dampening. If the instrument is knocked over and the compensator is damaged, inaccurate readings can result. To check an instrument which has taken a hit, set up the AUTOLEVEL and focus on a line some distance away. Tap the instrument so the horizontal crosshair rocks up and down. The crosshair should come back to the original target line.

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