AGL 316B Laser Grading System Machine Control
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AGL 316B Laser Grading System

Call 1-800-362-8734 for additional information on Price and package details. Due to individual and distinct needs for this product and the packages available with it, prices may vary. Delivery, setup, training, and support included for local customers.

  • AGL Grader Blade Attachment
  • 316 Cable (5-10P)
  • 316 Dual Carrying Case
  • 316B Dual Control Box Assembly
  • 316B Interface Box Assembly
  • EZ Grade 360 Receiver w/o Battery Assembly
  • Laser Poles
  • 316B Control Box Mounting Kit
  • End Plates.

The AGL 316 Skid-Steer System is an entry-level automatic dual receiver system for small machines that use one or two hydraulic cylinders for blade control. A motor-grader attachment for skid-steer loaders is an example of a suitable application, as is the small motor grader itself when employed for grading pads. The system provides either manual or automatic control at the touch of a button.

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