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From machine mounted laser receivers, to 2D site display systems, New England Laser is your answer for on-site depth control. 

Depth Control Info: DEPTH CONTROL can be serparated into INDICATOR vs. AUTOMATED Systems. INDICATOR devices are similar to hand-held detectors used with ELECTRONIC LEVELS. They locate the laser signal and tell the operator to raise or lower the indicator on the blade or dipper to find the laser plane.

INDICATOR Systems, however, have much larger and easy to see displays and the units are built to withstand shock. Some INDICATOR Systems not only signal to raise or lower to locate the laser plane, but also inform the operator if the unit is plumb. Many INDICATOR Systems are magnetically mounted for quick affixing and can withstand the impact of excavator or backhoe digging. INDICATOR Systems can also be mounted on dozers to fine control blade height or excavators/backhoes to check depth of cut.

AUTOMATED Systems are installed to automatically control the hydraulics for many types of machinery. The AUTOMATED Systems can be switched from Manual to Automatic by the operator. An individual quote for each piece of equipment to be automated must be provided, taking into account the necessary equipment and installation costs. When requesting a quote, provide the make/model/year of the machinery for which the AUTOMATED Systems is desired.


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