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GeoMax Zenith 25 PRO Series GPS System

Call 1-800-362-8734 for additional information on Price and package details. Due to individual and distinct needs for this product and the packages available with it, prices may vary. Delivery, setup, training, and support included for local customers.

Geomax Zenit-25-1-900x900

Static horiz. accuracy 5mm ± 0.5ppm(rms)

Static Vertical 10mm + 0.5ppm (rms)

Q-Lock technology, High fix availability and reliability

120 Channel, dual frequency GPS Tracking

L1, L2, L2C Glonass Tracking

L1, L2 Data Logging to removable microSD card (8 GB)

GSM/TCP/IP Removable SIM card Bluetooth® device class II

Removable 2.2 Ah/7.4V 8 Hr in static / 5 Hr in rover mode

IP68 dust and waterproof

Operating Temp: -30 deg. C to 60 deg.

Mechanical stress resistant according to ISO 9022-36-05, withstands 2 meter pole topple over onto hard surface

Weight: 1.2 kg incl. battery & UHF radio

TNC connectors for UHF antenna

Internal radio with 1 watt transmission power


GeoMax Zenith25 PRO Series GPS Package

Available with Data Collector, software and options

Please Call for Package, Pricing and Availability.

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