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General Info: INTERIOR LASERS are used to layout suspended ceilings and walls. A visible beam guides the alignment of track although hand-held detectors can be used in very bright work environments.

The laser beam can be slowed and stopped and (with some models) set to scan back-forth between two points. Many models have a plumb beam as well as a rotating plane of light. The plumb beam can be used to transfer a point from the floor to ceiling, but also can be used for 90— layout.

When the plumb beam runs parallel to the floor, the rotating plane which is always locked at 90— can be used for perpendicular layout. By placing the laser over a beginning point and moving the plumb beam to another point on the layout line, the 90— rotating laser plane provides a perpendicular line to the original layout line.

Some INTERIOR LASERS allow the operator to grab the laser head to rotate manually. Many of the new models, though, have the laser head inside a glass lighthouse so a remote control or buttons on the instrument panel are used to adjust the movement of the laser beam (and plumb beam to align in the horizontal mode). INTERIOR LASERS come with a wall mount but can also be mounted on a tripod or set directly on the floor.

Because the beam can be stopped and presents a possible safety hazard if focused in the eye, laser placards and operator cards are required on the jobsite (see OSHA regulations).

Laser Enhancement Glasses can be worn to "enhance" the visibility of the laser line. Current models use rechargeable or alkaline batteries and 110AC is no longer needed on the jobsite.

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