Ready, Set, DIG

Need a Demo?

Stop by our office or give us a call and we'll come to you. We have a mock machine that we built just for this reason.

Photo below: New England Laser installing the EZ-Dig Pro for RJ Industries on Long Island, NY.

The EZ-Dig can also dig a slope. Reset at your benchmark with a simple touch of the screen while your bucket is at a known depth or by passing through a laser.

"Geomax EZ-Dig Promo". Tired of getting in and out of your excavator to check grade? Now's a great time to get an EZ-Dig installed.

For the month of April 2017, purchase an EZ-Dig and get the installation plus mounting plates for a 2nd machine FREE. SAVE  $1,100.00

  • Completely wireless, 1 unit can be used on hundreds of machines
  • Calibration storage for multiple buckets on each machine.
  • Charges intself while in operation (Solar)
  • Easy to install, easy to use, intuitive graphical display.
  • Dig to depth, level, or at a slope, without ever getting out of the machine or needing someone to hold a grade rod.
  • Works with or without a laser.

Here's what contractors are saying about the Geomax EZ-Dig:

  • "Paid for itself in the 1st quarter"
  • "Should have installed this years ago"
  • "Saves me fuel, time, and money"
  • "Makes no sense to work without it"

Customer testimonials can be reviewed at this link: Testimonials

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