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The Geomax Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station:

Outstanding performance and great value as attested by Barry Sleath of Neil H. Daniels Inc. and packaged with your choice of data collector, software, and accessories. Training and support included.

Introducing Stonex:

Stonex is a multinational company, based in Italy, designing and manufacturing high precision surveying instruments for different applications.

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The Stonex S10-UHF. With 220 channels, UHF radio, GPS, Glonass, Compass, SBAS, and the new E-Bubble Tilt Sensor. This system is priced to sell and specs out among the best.

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The Stonex R2 Plus is a powerful and easy-to-use conventional Total Station. Up to 5,000 meters with a single prism and up to 500m with a reflectorless target. Its 2" angle measurement accuracy always guarentees highly reliable point calculation.Add Bluetooth and Laser Plummett and the R2 Plus stands tall among it's competitors.

Neil H. Daniels Construction Inc.

Since the 1970's Daniels Construction has been working in, on and around bridges and roadways. Their primary clientele include local municipalities, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Their primary focus is on projects having a value of $1.5 million or less which tends to correlate into road projects up to 1 mile in length and bridge/culvert projects having spans of up to 200 feet.

Daniels Construction has vast experience constructing a wide range of utility and heavy civil projects. They specialize in challenging projects requiring in-house engineering, extensive planning, utilizing practically every construction technique in the industry.

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An interview with Barry Sleath, project manager at Neil H. Daniels:

Efficiency and accuracy are two of the pillars upon which any successful business must build their foundation around. Timeliness does NOT always equate to quality in the field of construction and surveying, though with some help from the GeoMax Zoom80 and Zoom90  RoboticTotal Stations offered by New England Laser and Transit Company, the two coincide much more frequently.

Barry Sleath can testify to the usefulness of these total stations, as he has one of each. The Zoom90, GeoMax’s newest “Robotic” Total Station, has allowed him to take on and complete jobs that may have previously been enormously time consuming or logistically unfeasible given his work force.  Over the course of the summer, the primarily bridge-building company has hired over a dozen new employees to tackle a housing development in Lebanon, New Hampshire. His site foreman, Lucien, has undergone training with Alan LaRose of New England Laser on the software required to run the GeoMax total stations. In addition, several employees have attended instructional sessions held at the Grantham Indoor socceer field during the cold and slower winter months. These workshops are held in an effort to familiarize the customer with not only the product, but also the service they can come to expect from New England Laser.

In short, the Zoom90 Robotic Total Station is a one-man-show. It allows the operator to be in the field taking measurements with a data collector without having to stand directly next to the instrument while it is working. Whether it is distance, slope, height, or any other measurement used in the field of construction that you seek to find, the Zoom90 alleviates the need for extra laborers holding grade rods, checking grade, etc. Barry claims that the robot has saved him 50% on labor costs related to site preparation while simultaneously and exponentially improving the accuracy of his work. Since the purchase of these total stations, Barry and his employees testify to receiving premium service and support by the team at New England Laser.

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