New England Laser Reaches New Heights

The Geomax Zenith 35 Pro GPS equipment is now used by the Mt. Washington Cog Railway staff to collect and monitor positions of the railway from summit to base. The GPS equipment will assist the Cog Railway staff as they continue to upgrade and maintain the railway, making their equipment more efficient and the trip to the top more enjoyable.

Mount Washington is well known for some of the worst weather in the world and boasts the highest wind ever observed by man. The Geomax Zenith 35 Pro was chosen because of it's ability to withstand the elements.

New England Laser installed a Pacific Crest 35 watt radio to the GPS system so that the Rover could communicate to the base unit over the entire length of the railway, about 3 miles and an elevation difference of close to 4000 ft. Mt Washington summit is 6289 ft above sea level. The photo below shows the temporary base set up during testing.

Steeped in history, this marvel of 19th century technology and modern innovation is an exhilarating voyage through landscape and nature. The Mount Washington Cog Railway, a National Historic Engineering Landmark, is a "must do" for any visit to New England.

When you ride The Mount Washington Cog Railway, you're in for an unforgettable adventure. Magnificent scenery...efficient new biodiesel locomotives and the classic steam engine (generally scheduled early in the day)...combined with a spectacular climb up the highest mountain in the Northeast.

A deep-rooted history of invention and fabrication has always been one of the Mount Washington Cog Railway's most intriguing attributes. The Cog has managed to stay in private ownership and in operation consistently for over 144 years. It has adapted to and overcome adverse opinion, the Great Depression, the Hurricane of '38, and the challenge of technology to become one of New Hampshire's most successful historical attractions.

Designated as a National Historic Engineering Landmark in 1976, The Cog was referred to as "One of the greatest wonders of all time" by the Boston Transcript at its inauguration in 1868. It can certainly be argued that this is still true to this day.

The advent of biodiesel continues that tradition of innovation and improvement that has characterized the Cog Railway since 1869. From being the first mountain climbing cog railway in the world to the solar-powered track switches to the advanced Parker IQAN on-board computer package, The Cog continues to be a leader in cutting edge technology.

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