I-Dig Excavator System
Once installed, the iDig 2D system allows you to dig flat or sloped surfaces without the hassel of jumping in and out of the machine ALL DAY to check grade.

Trouble finding reliable summer help? With the iDig, there is no need for grade rods, detectors, or laborers.  Simply touch the tooth of your bucket to the ground to check your depth!

Have multiple machines? No problem!  The iDig is completely portable.  The sensors, in-cab display, and radio receiver can all be easily transfered from one machine to another. 

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0% Financing for TWO YEARS


Second machine equipment bundle FREE

     With the iDig system you can manage distances, depths and desired slopes.
     The combination of advanced technologies is unique in the world: no cables, radio communication, simplified installation and solar charging. The user interface has been designed with excavator operators and can be appreciated by all.
     The bargraph and LED display guides you in the same field of vision as your bucket and makes the iDig an ideal daily tool for you


- Installation and calibration of the iDig System can be done by anyone in less than an hour thanks to the intuitive software and patented system. New England Laser will install and train you at no extra charge anywhere in New England.
- Animations and images guide the operator step-by-step.
- At each start-up, the iDig automatically recognizes the machine and the bucket by simply rotating the bucket.


"I love my friggin EZ-Dig.  Just dug a 40 x 20 septic system w/tank and never touched a shovel. I bought it because I got sick and tired of looking for a laborer to hold a grade rod (or even show up to work for that matter).  With the EZ-Dig, I can now flip dirt like it's nobody's business without getting in and out of my machine or depending on anyone else. It's worth every penny"

Thank you New England Laser and Transit."

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