Slope Laser Repair, Calibration, & Cleaning

Slope Lasers are instruments that utilize a rotating beam to establish a certain elevation that differs from "on-grade".  They often have a digital screen on the unit (or on a remote) that makes controling grade and elevation simple.  In addition to selling Slope Lasers, New England Laser & Transit Company performs the following Slope Laser Repair & Services:

  • Repair broken or damaged parts
  • Test all power connections and keypad functions
  • Test horizontal accuracy and repeatability
  • Test vertical accuracy and repeatability
  • Test grade accuracy
  • Calibrate the Slope Laser
  • Clean the Slope Laser
  • Note any additional work performed

Contact Us Today for your Slope Laser Repair & Service.

We Repair & Service Slope Lasers from anywhere in the United States via mail and will pickup and drop off in person within NH, VT, MA and greater New England upon request.

Slope Laser Calibration
GeoMax Slope Laser Calibration

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