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The Meridian Level-Transit is a combination instrument. Its telescope moves up and down 45 degrees, and rotates 360 degrees, to measure vertical and horizontal angles. The telescope lock lever must be in a closed position when the instrument is to be used as a level; open when used as a transit for vertical sightings. It is shown in the open position. The vertical arc is divided in degrees and numbered every 10 degrees up to 45 degrees, for both upward and downward angles, and has an adjustable index pointer. The vertical clamp holds the telescope at a vertical angle. Fine vertical settings can be made with the vertical tangent. The vertical clamp must be hand tightened before the tangent will function.



      • 1/4-in at 100-ft (6mm at 30m) leveling accuracy


      • Up to 200-ft (60m) range


      • Horizontal Circle- Graduated to single degrees and reads by Vernier direct to 1/4 degree (15 minutes)


      • Horizontal Lock and Tangent Screw- Provides precise movement control


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