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Unicontrol 3D Dozer Machine Control
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Highly intuitive and flexible 3D machine control system for all types of dozers. Unicontrol simplifies the operator's job by offering user-friendly machine contnrol. Obtain high quality grading and efficient operations according to 3D design files. The 3D solution makes landscape grading independent and accurate with guidance from our GNSS system and high accuracy sensors!

Unicontrol 3D Dozer Machine Control offers a quick introduction to machine control for dozer grading, a familiar interface on the intuitive tablet, and instant data synchronization. Get ready for earthmoving in no time!

Call 1-800-362-8734 for additional information on Price and package details. Due to individual and distinct needs for this product and the packages available with it, prices may vary. Delivery, setup, training, and support included for local customers.


Hardware Components

  • Sensors: 100Hz, IP68/69K, shock and vibration resistant
  • Antennas: Dual RTK GNSS, IP67, blade mounted
  • Tablet: IP 68 MIL-STD-840, 8" or 10" screen, Android operating system
  • Router: Industrial, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, IP30

General Functions

  • Flexible solution for all dozer types
  • 3D operation according to a job with a surface and/or design file while getting corrections from GPS satellites
  • 2.5D: Create your own offsets, points, slopes, or surfaces easily with the tablet software

Unicontrol Cloud

  • Import design files remotely from your office to your tablet on the jobsite
  • Export as-builts without disrupting workflow of the machine and operator
  • Share projects between different machines
  • Overview of active projects
  • Download logged points/as-builts

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