What Can You Do With Survey Equipment?

Here are just some of the many uses of survey equipment including transits, autolevels & theodolites and the endless projects they are capable of.

Find out height of silo
Set first course of siding
Grade swimming pools
Determine difference in elevation
Preliminary surveys
Measure angles
Run profiles
Align brickwork
Check elevations for grading
Set nails for concrete lines
Form panels
Align stone walls
Extend lines
Level foundations
Secondary vertical control
Align retaining walls
Pick up elevations for finished floors
Measure hung ceiling heights
Plumb structural steel
Check outside stonework lines
Align fences
Set forms
Grade irrigation ditches
Stake out foundations
Lay out sanitary and storm drains
Line up engine beds
Measure elevation of concrete piers
Establish final grades
Set door bucks
Measure excavation depths
Establish foundation heights
Level floors
Lay out a site
Check elevations for excavating
Set lintels
Align structural steel
Mark batter boards
Level sidewalks
Locate buried survey stakes
Contour farming and drainage
Plumb columns
Set sewer lines
Measure the height of an elevated water tower
Lay out a driveway
Fix decorative paint or water lines on aswimming pool
Level a garage floor
Establish grades for streets
Check boiler room depth
Borrow pits
Earthwork cross-sections
Plumb walls
Lay out a football field, tennis court,baseball diamond

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