Cross Beam & Laser Pointer Repair, Calibration, & Cleaning

Cross Beam and Pointer Lasers, in general, are used for interior applications such as setting horizontal and vertical lines, as well as establishing plumb and 90 degrees. This includes setting drop ceilings, walls, window sills,etc. In addition to selling Cross Beam Lasers and Laser Pointers, New England Laser & Transit Company performs the following service on Cross Beam and Laser Pointers:

  • Repair broken or damaged parts
  • Test compensator repeatability
  • Test horizontal and/or vertical accuracy
  • Calibrate the Cross Beam / Laser Pointer
  • Clean the Cross Beam / Laser Pointer
  • Note any additional work performed

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Cross Beam Laser Pointer CalibrationCross Beam Laser Pointer Calibration


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