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Stonex S10 GNSS Base/Rover Set

Call 1-800-362-8734 for additional information on Price and package details. Due to individual and distinct needs for this product and the packages available with it, prices may vary. Delivery, setup, training, and support included for local customers.


Static Horizontal accuracy 2.5 mm ± 0.1mm RMS

Static Vertical accuracy 3.5 mm ± 0.4 mm RMS

220 Channels

Signal reacquisition time < 1 second

4 GB Internal Memory

2.4 GHz class II Bluetooth Device

High capacity 4 constellation micro-strip antenna, zero phase center, internal multi-path suppressive board

Rechargeable and replaceable 11.1 Volt intelligent Lithium Battery

Battery Life: 12 hours (static), 6.5 hours (GPS + GLONASS)

IP 67 Dust/Waterproof, 100% humidity proof

Designed to withstand 2 meter fall from pole onto concrete floor, 1 meter fall onto wood floor - without damage


Stonex S10 Base/Rover Set

Available with Data Collector, software and options

Please Call for Package, Pricing and Availability.

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