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Bridgin iDig Touch 2D Depth Control System (INSTALLED)

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System Power: 12/24v

Sensor Battery charging: Solar

Water/Dust protection: IP67

Control Box: Touch screen 7" with 800x480 resolution

Memory: over 100 machines and buckets

Accuracy: +/- .03'

Operating Temperature: -4 degrees F to 158 degrees F


 $12,500 INSTALLED





Immerse yourself in a new era in excavator operation. Discover all the possibilities offered by a 2D grade control system on a daily basis and the many benefits for your productivity and safety.

Less than an hour is the average time you need to install the system. Once done, you do not have to do it again. The iDig keeps in memory the exact dimensions of your excavators. Installing the iDig is really simple: attache the 3 sensors, the control box and the LED bar in the cab and start working.
No need for a technician, you do it yourself by following the on screen instructions.


Do you have several excavators? Perfect, we made a removable solution that attaches in seconds from one machine to another. The iDig can save as many excavator and bucket profiles as you want.
In the morning you attach on the sensors, the control box and the LED bargraph, then select the right excavator.


Comes with:

-Transport case

-Soft carrying case

-1 LED display

-4 Support plates

-4 Sensors (2 mini angle sensors, 1 2D sensor and 1 combo laser receiver sensor)

-Adhesive and cleaner

-Control box and cradle



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