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GeoMax EZiCAT i550 Utilities Locator (Locator only)

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27501000 Geomax Ezicat I550 1200x800

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Easily locate and trace buried utilities over greater distances.

The location of buried cables and pipes prior to excavation work has never been so important as the complexity of large underground networks continually increase. With injuries to site workers and equipment damage every year, know exactly what is below before you dig. 

The EZiSYSTEM xf-Series utility locating and tracing equipment makes locating buried utilities easy and efficient. The xf-Series locators have additional low frequencies enabling you to locate and trace utilities over longer distances and in congested environments. With an EZiCAT locator there is no need to manually adjust the sensitivity. With the unique Automatic Pinpointing feature, users can simply press the trigger and start locating.

With the added benefit of tracing underground cables and utilities, site workers are kept safer and customers can enjoy uniterrupted service. 

Additional Accessories:

  1. GeoMax EZiTEX t100 1W Signal Transmitter - $1095
  2. GeoMax EZiSYSTEM Carrying Bag - $115
  3. GeoMax Signal Clamp (Lightweight, Robust Clamp used to apply a traceable signal to buried conductive utilities when used in conjunction with an EZiTEX Signal Transmitter) - $475


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